Gordon Brown

Gordon was born in Whitburn, West Lothian in 1964. In 1976 at the age of 12, Gordon took up drumming seriously and joined the Boghall & Bathgate Caledonia Novice Juvenile Band in November that year, where his Dad was already teaching the youngsters and the then Grade 3 corps.

In February 1977, within months of joining the band, Gordon gained 6th place in the Juvenile Section of the World Solo Drumming Championship. That season, Gordon and the Novice corps went on to win the drumming title in all five major championships, and also every drumming competition they played in including Grade 4 events.

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In 1978, the Grade 3 band was upgraded to Grade 2 and Gordon progressed from Novice to Grade 2 where he played beside his Dad. Seasons 1978 and 1979 saw the Grade 2 drummers win every major championship as a band and drum corps. Gordon continued his solo career steadily moving up the prize lists at the Worlds and other solo drumming events, eventually winning the World Juvenile Solo Drumming titles in 1980 and 1981.

It was during this time that he started to get involved in teaching at his Dad’s famous Tuesday night drumming class. It is interesting to note that just almost every drummer currently involved with the Boghall Grade 1 corps came through that school.

The Boghall band was promoted to Grade 1 in 1980 and in their first season won the Cowal Championship drumming title. Between 1981 and 1983 they went on to lift a hat trick of World Championship Drumming titles as well as every other drumming award.

Another World Championship Drumming title was won in 1986 and one of the proudest moments and memories for Gordon and the Boghall drum corps was being the first ever drum corps to win the “Alex Duthart Memorial Trophy” for the Grade 1 champion of champion drum corps. The Boghall Novice and Juvenile corps also won the champion of champion title in their respective grades.

Gordon then started helping out with the Novice and the Juvenile drum corps and this input helped enable them to go on and win numerous drumming titles throughout the eighties and nineties.

In 1991, Gordon took over as Leading Drummer of the Grade 1 corps from his Dad and won his first major drumming title at the European Championships that same season.

Since taking the role of Leading Drummer Gordon has won the Scottish, British, European and Cowal Championships on numerous occasions as well as winning the Best Drum Corps and Bass Section awards at the 2001 World and Cowal Championships.

In 1994 that Gordon realised a life long ambition winning the Adult World Solo Drumming Championship title. Having made it through to the final on several previous occasions he had never managed to place higher than 4th place so to have won such a prestigious award really was a dream come true. Gordon won the title again in the 2002 event and has placed in the prize list at the World Solo Drumming consistently since the Millennium.

Since becoming involved in teaching, he is now realising another ambition by following in his father’s footsteps. He has taught in Scotland, England, Northern Ireland, Eire, Brittany, Switzerland, Denmark, South Africa, United States of America and Canada. His achievements as a solo player and as a leading drummer have resulted in numerous invitations from all over the World for teaching workshops and seminars.

Looking to the future, Gordon remains committed to teaching, and like his father unselfishly pass on what he regards as a noble art, especially to youngsters, to make them the drummers of the future.

The ultimate goal for Gordon remains to win the World Championship title with the Boghall band. With the hard work and dedication put in by the whole band everyone hopes this dream will be realised sometime soon.

Gordon is a fully qualified Trainer/Assessor (SVQ D32, C25); therefore his teaching skills are being used at all times. He is currently the Principal Drumming Instructor at The Strathallan School and The Glenalmond College, both in Perthshire.

Gordon is also involved with Andante Drums on product development of their highly successful Reactor Snare Drum.

Gordon Brown's Drum Scores

Tune Name Level Type Composer Parts
25th K.O.S.B.’sElementaryCompetition 2/4 MarchGordon Brown4
9/8 March No 1Elementary9/8 MarchGordon Brown4
A Canadian ExperienceElementaryJigGordon Brown2
Abercairney HighlandersAdvancedCompetition 2/4 MarchGordon Brown4
Ale is DearIntermediateOther ReelGordon Brown2
Archie BeagElementaryJigGordon Brown4
Archie KennethAdvancedHornpipeGordon Brown2
Argyllshire Gathering, TheAdvancedCompetition 2/4 MarchGordon Brown4
Auld Fiddler Reel, TheElementaryOther ReelGordon Brown2
Balmoral Highlanders, TheAdvancedCompetition 2/4 MarchGordon Brown6
Beverly’s WeddingIntermediateHornpipeGordon Brown2
Biddy from SligoAdvancedJigGordon Brown4
Black Bag Syndrome, TheAdvancedHornpipeGordon Brown4
Blackie MacLeodAdvancedHornpipeGordon Brown4
Blair DrummondAdvancedCompetition StrathspeyGordon Brown6
Brigadier General Ronald Cheape of TiroranAdvancedCompetition 2/4 MarchGordon Brown4
Brown Haired Maiden, TheElementaryOther 2/4 MarchGordon Brown2
Brown Haired Maiden, TheElementaryOther 2/4 MarchGordon Brown2
Caber FeidhAdvancedCompetition StrathspeyGordon Brown4
Caledonian Society of LondonIntermediateOther StrathspeyGordon Brown2
Caledonian Society of London ReelIntermediateOther ReelGordon Brown2
Calling, TheAdvancedHornpipeGordon Brown2
Captain Lachlan MacPhail of TireeElementaryCompetition ReelGordon Brown4
City of Victoria Pipe BandAdvancedHornpipeGordon Brown2
Colin ThompsonAdvancedCompetition 2/4 MarchGordon Brown4
Colonel MacLeodElementaryCompetition ReelGordon Brown4
Colonel Stuart GreenElementaryOther StrathspeyGordon Brown2
County HallAdvanced6/8 MarchGordon Brown4
Crossing the MinchAdvancedOther ReelGordon Brown4
Cunninghams FancyAdvancedHornpipeGordon Brown4
Dechmont FlyerAdvancedHornpipeGordon Brown4
Don Manson’s ReelAdvancedOther ReelGordon Brown4
Donald Cameron’s Powder HornAdvancedJigGordon Brown4
Dornoch Highland Games, TheAdvanced6/8 MarchGordon Brown4
Dornoch Links, TheElementaryOther 2/4 MarchGordon Brown2
Dorrator BridgeIntermediateCompetition StrathspeyGordon Brown4
Dr. MacInness FancyAdvancedHornpipeGordon Brown4
Dr. MacPhail’s ReelElementaryCompetition ReelGordon Brown4
Drunken Piper, TheElementaryOther 2/4 MarchGordon Brown2
Earl of Mansfield, TheElementaryOther 2/4 MarchGordon Brown3
Fleshmarket CloseAdvancedHornpipeGordon Brown2
Glasgow Week in HamburgAdvanced12/8 MarchGordon Brown4
Hare O’ the DugAdvancedHornpipeGordon Brown4
High Road to GairlochElementaryOther 2/4 MarchGordon Brown2
Hugh Kennedy, M.A., B. Sc.AdvancedCompetition 2/4 MarchGordon Brown4
Inspired in Belfast eBookAdvancedVarious Time SignaturesGordon Brown
Inveraray CastleAdvancedCompetition StrathspeyGordon Brown4
Jack’s JigElementaryJigGordon Brown2
Jenny’s BawbeeElementaryOther 2/4 MarchGordon Brown2
Jenny’s BawbeeElementaryOther 2/4 MarchGordon Brown2
John MacDonald of GlencoeAdvancedCompetition 2/4 MarchGordon Brown4
Kantara to El ArishAdvancedCompetition 2/4 MarchGordon Brown4
Kenny MacDonald’s JigAdvancedJigGordon Brown2
Lady MacKenzie of GairlochElementaryCompetition StrathspeyGordon Brown4
Laird of Blochairn, TheAdvanced6/8 MarchGordon Brown4
Legless in LisburnIntermediateOther ReelGordon Brown4
Lexie McAskillElementaryCompetition ReelGordon Brown4
Lexie McAskillAdvancedOther ReelGordon Brown4
Loch CarronAdvancedCompetition ReelGordon Brown6
Mac An IrishElementaryOther StrathspeyGordon Brown2
MacFarlin’s Reel, TheIntermediateOther ReelGordon Brown2
Maggie CameronAdvancedCompetition StrathspeyGordon Brown4
Mason’s ApronAdvancedHornpipeGordon Brown4
Men of ArgyllElementaryOther 2/4 MarchGordon Brown2
Mhairie’s WeddingElementaryOther 2/4 MarchGordon Brown2
Molly on the ShoreIntermediateOther ReelGordon Brown2
MonymuskAdvancedCompetition StrathspeyGordon Brown4
Mrs MacLeod of RaasayIntermediateOther ReelGordon Brown2
Mrs MacPherson of InveranAdvancedCompetition ReelGordon Brown6
Mrs MacPherson of InveranIntermediateCompetition ReelGordon Brown6
Mrs. John MacCollAdvancedCompetition 2/4 MarchGordon Brown4
Ness Pipers, TheAdvancedOther ReelGordon Brown4
O’er the Bows to BallindallochElementaryOther StrathspeyGordon Brown2
Orange and BlueElementaryOther StrathspeyGordon Brown2
Out of the AirIntermediateJigGordon Brown2
P/M Callum CampbellAdvancedOther ReelGordon Brown4
P/M Willie Gray’s Farewell to the Glasgow PoliceAdvancedCompetition 2/4 MarchGordon Brown4
P/M Willie Gray’s Farewell to the Glasgow PoliceIntermediateCompetition 2/4 MarchGordon Brown4
P/M Willie Gray’s Farewell to the Glasgow PoliceElementaryCompetition 2/4 MarchGordon Brown4
Paddy Be EasyIntermediateJigGordon Brown2
Paddy Be EasyElementaryJigGordon Brown2
Piper’s Bonnet, TheAdvancedJigGordon Brown4
Pumpkin’s FancyAdvancedHornpipeGordon Brown4
Rakes of KildareAdvancedJigGordon Brown4
Ramnee Ceilidh, TheAdvancedHornpipeGordon Brown2
Sheepwife, TheAdvancedCompetition ReelGordon Brown6
Shovel TongueIntermediateHornpipeGordon Brown2
Sleepy MaggieIntermediateOther ReelGordon Brown2
Sporting JamieIntermediateOther StrathspeyGordon Brown2
Step DancerIntermediateOther StrathspeyGordon Brown2
Struan RobertsonAdvancedCompetition StrathspeyGordon Brown4
TatumtitabraAdvancedHornpipeGordon Brown4
TerribusElementaryOther 2/4 MarchGordon Brown2
Thompson’s DirkAdvancedCompetition ReelGordon Brown4
Trip to SligoAdvancedHornpipeGordon Brown4
Tulloch CastleAdvancedCompetition StrathspeyGordon Brown4
Waterhole, TheAdvancedHornpipeGordon Brown4
Drumming on Demand