Trip to Sligo

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By Gordon Brown
Difficulty level: Advanced
Type of tune: Hornpipe
Number of parts: 4

About this drum score

Composed by Gordon in 1988 when he was playing in the corps under his Father, DM Tom Brown. This can be heard on the World’s CD 1988 or 1989. Also on the Rubik Cube Album

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Gordon Brown

Trip to Sligo was composed in 1988 when I was a corps member under my father, DM. Tom Brown. It was an early venture into straight / round Hornpipe playing. The first two parts are in traditional dot / cut style, with parts 3 & 4 in a more modern straight style. This Hornpipe was used as a medley finishing tune and can be heard on the Boghall Rubic Cube CD from 1989. Quite a testing piece!!

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