Mason’s Apron

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By Gordon Brown
Difficulty level: Advanced
Type of tune: Hornpipe
Number of parts: 4

About this drum score

Originally composed 1993 for Boghall medley. A Boghall classic. Can be heard on World CD’s and the new Boghall FORTE CD/DVD


Gordon Brown

An all time Boghall Classic. Originally composed in 1993 for the finishing tune of a medley of that year. The latest recording of it can be heard on the New Boghall & Bathgate Caledonia Pipe Band “FORTE” CD & DVD. Recorded Live at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall in August 2012.

Tim Cline

Awesome drumming! Love this score. Especially helpful is the you tube vid of hornpipe set with this tune first. Where he is drumming with a young piper. And he is chewing gum!? ( or snuff )
DOD vid is slower tempo than you tube vid ( thankfully )
G. Brown’s tap rolls line 5 & 9 are incredible. Smooth as a zipper. I’ve spent a couple of months working on it. Just a few more bars to go now. But all the pipers in my hometown are senior citizens

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