Drum Score Editor

Drum Score Editor is free software for drum scores in the pipe band world. Runs on macOS, Windows and Linux – happy scoring!

Microsoft Windows

Download & Installation for Windows

  • N.B. Tested on Windows 10 & 11, 64 bit only
  • Click on the button above to download the installer and run it
  • Any issues installing please try uninstalling any prior version
  • Optional: Feel free to tidy up and delete the installer from your downloads folder

Apple macOS

Download & Installation for macOS

  • N.B. Tested on macOS Catalina / Intel, and macOS Sonoma / M1 & M2
  • Click on the button above to download the installer
  • The downloaded disk image will open
  • As per usual for macOS software installs, drag the Drum Score Editor icon on to the Applications icon
  • Optional: Feel free to tidy up and delete the installer from your downloads folder


Download & Installation for Linux

  • N.B. Tested on Ubuntu 22 / Intel
  • Click on the button above to download the deb package file
  • If anyone wants a deb / aarch64 or an experimental Arch package let us know
  • Optional: Feel free to tidy up and delete the installer from your downloads folder

It’s Still Free

There’s a whole bunch of legal stuff as per the license above, but really this is just to say it’s free and no-one is allowed to sell you it, nor can you sell it on. You can’t use it to make money either unless we agree that in advance as you’ll probably want better support than the best efforts there is with this, given it’s free!

Support, Questions

If something’s not working how it should, or just isn’t clear to you, am happy to help anyone out, either via facebook or at alan@drumscore.scot – any suggestions for improvement always welcome!

Drum Score Editor Licenses

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Community & Studio Editions

The Community Edition of Drum Score Editor is free to download and free to use, there are no charges or fees of any sort.
Please feel free to buy me a beer any time we’re in the same beer tent though 😉

The Studio Edition costs £33 and adds features to help make an author edit scores more quickly and is enabled through adding a license key to the Community Edition. These license keys can be purchased through this website or getting in touch with alan@drumscore.scot

Important Drum Score Editor is not a profit making venture, sale of licenses helps cover costs of hosting this website and other items needed to produce and distribute software safely.

Community Edition Features

  • What you see is what you get, it prints what you see on the screen
  • Select and action interface, i.e. select some notes and choose an action, e.g. make them an irregular group, or add embellishments etc
  • Generate a new blank score based on tune type (march, strathspey) and time signature
  • Fully flexible placement and size of text areas and music areas on the page, customise as you need, even multiple scores on one page
  • Apply different point sizes to text and music to scale to fit as needed
  • Fast editing through keystroke actions, no need to keep reaching for the mouse once up to speed on these
  • Handles irregular groups and rests
  • Crescendo and diminuendo
  • Rolls, stroke rolls, across staff lines, roll to nowhere for end of score situations
  • Unison as either a bracket above the notes or a highlighter pen or both, option to include any embellishment in the unison, or just the tap in a roll
  • Different colour highlighter pens for those who use colour to show light and shade
  • When entering notes, cursor smart spaces to where the next note should be in regular groups
  • Open file format, humans can read it if they’re interested in importing Drum Score files into other software (one day I’ll make it MusicXML compliant)
  • Integrated with the desktop, click on files to load in Drum Score Editor, easy access to recently used files from the File menu
  • Supports the EUSPBA standard tenor symbols

Studio Edition Features

  • Font-tastic beautiful music and text – a music font as used by the big professional music notation software is enabled, as well as any text font on your system with stunning results
  • Produce mp4 movies of your score with a visual indication of tempo as the beat notes are indicated, with optional click track, and the ability for you to record your audio track so your corps can see and hear the music exactly how you want it expressed
  • Rudiment Libraries – often used phrases and rudiments can be dragged and dropped onto any number of libraries, which can be organised as you like, e.g. a 2/4 library, a strathspey phrase library
  • Bar content guidance, warns you if there too few or too many notes in a bar
  • Automatic joining of tails of notes (beaming), includes ensuring only a single line used on primary subdivisions within a beat
  • Export as JPEG, PDF, PNG or SVG file for use as graphic images, e.g. embed in a document
  • Clone whole staff line – it’s a workflow that automates copying a staff line and it’s contents and inserts it. All possible without the workflow, but just more keystrokes
  • Manage whole parts of music, adding 2nd times or expanding to no repeats – and back again. This is a real time saver when you realise the music varies and you need to vary the score between piano and forte passes
  • New score preferences are saved between launches of the software so if you always want your new scores generated with pink highlight for unison, this will happen
  • Workspace preferences are saved, window size etc
  • Block selection – without this you can select runs of notes, but if you wanted to say select bars 3 and 4 and 7 and 8 of a 2/4 which has 4 bars per line because you want to copy and paste the middles and endings, this is your friend
  • Vertically align notes – you can do this by hand without this tool, but this is so much easier
  • Squeeze / expand runs of notes – you’ve entered your masterful selection of singles and decided you need more space on the page or indeed that you have space to spread them out more – this will proportionately allow you to spread them out or push them closer together
  • Beautify your score – with a single keystroke (or menu click) you can have the notes in your score be moved to where they should be, given their value and the time signature of the piece
  • There’s loads more features and options enabled, head over to the documentation to go through the detail or contact me – always happy to chat about Drum Score Editor!
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