Inspired in Belfast eBook

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By Gordon Brown
Difficulty level: Advanced
Type of tune: Various Time Signatures

About this eBook

This Book of Drum Settings has been compiled to accompany the live recording of the band in concert at the Spires Centre in Belfast on the 5th May 2001. The recording, Titled: Boghall & Bathgate Caledonia Pipe Band “Inspired in Belfast” and available on the KRL (Monarch) Label, itself captures the exiting atmosphere of the evening and demonstrates the distinctive Boghall Piping & Drumming style in both the music they play and the way they play it.

Album available on KRL website.
This package contains 43 drum scores.

  1. I – Intro

    1. Doctor Gaelic
    2. The Mount Vernon Streaker
    3. Round the Mull
  2. II – Dora Set

    1. Dora MacLeod
    2. The Noose in the Ghillies
    3. The Mason’s Ape
  3. III – Kit Fanfare

    1. Intro
    2. Singles
    3. 5/4 Roll Movement
    4. Kit / Back Sticking
  4. IV – Gordon & Ross

    1. The Big Road Brusher
    2. Willie Bishop
  5. IV – Eddie & Skippi

    1. Eddie the Penguin
    2. Skippiwizakiwi
    3. Brendan Murphy
    4. The Green Ivy
  6. V – Modern Set

    1. The Heningham Reunion
    2. Duncan Johnston’s Exercise
    3. The Kitchen Maid
    4. Inspector Donald Campbell
    5. Call to the Gathering
    6. Piper’s Bonnet
    7. Lads of Kilmarnock
    8. Mrs Doreen Lawrie
    9. Pedal Pins
    10. The Final Call
  7. VI – A Call to the Gathering
  8. VII – Dilemma

    1. Donald Willie & His Dog
    2. Rab’s Dilemma (Jig) / Rab’s Dilemma (Waltz)
    3. The Dogs Among the Bushes
  9. VIII – Traditional

    1. Brig. Gen. Ronald Cheape of Tiroran
    2. Blair Drummond
    3. John Morrison of Assynt House
  10. IX – Reel Thing

    1. Mo Chuachag Laghach Thu
    2. Molly on the Shore
    3. Brenda Stubbert
    4. Jenny Dang the Weaver
    5. Na Goisidich
    6. Quinie fae Rhynie
    7. The High Drive
  11. X – Duty Band

    1. Captain C. R. Lumsden
    2. Bruce Gandy’s Farewell to the Scottish Horse
    3. The Malt Safe



Great book! An idea for your next book might be to make all the pages portrait instead of landscape. This means it’s easier to organize and read in folders.

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