Steven McWhirter

Steven McWhirter is ten times and current Adult World Solo Drumming Champion (2019), Leading Drummer of the Inveraray & District Pipe Band and full time drumming instructor with the Edinburgh Academy & Dollar Academy Pipe Bands since moving to Scotland in the Winter of 2008.

Steven began drumming in 1993 at the age of 10, with initial lessons from his father, Dessie. Steven joined the local Cullybackey Pipe Band in 1994, receiving snare instruction from Adrian Hoy. During his time under Adrian’s instruction Steven won many Juvenile and Junior solo competitions including the Worlds Juvenile section one on two occasions. In 1995 Steven progressed into the snare line where he remained until Cullybackey won the Grade 2 World Drumming title in 2001. It was then that J. Reid Maxwell approached him to join the Simon Fraser University Pipe Band in Vancouver, Canada. Between the years of 2002 – 2008 he travelled from his home in Northern Ireland to compete, teach and perform with the band in British Columbia, Canada.

Some highlights of Steven’s drumming career have been winning the adult section of the World Solo Drumming Championships 10 times (2006, 2011-2019), the Grade 1 World Drum Corps Championships with Inveraray and District in 2017 and the overall World Pipe Band Championships in 2017 & 2019.

If you would be interested in receiving individual lessons (via skype, or in person) from Steven or your band would like to have Steven compose new drum scores then please check out his website at or contact him directly at

Steven McWhirter's Drum Scores

Tune Name Level Type Composer Parts
1976 Police TattooElementary4/4 MarchSteven McWhirter2
25th KOSBsElementaryOther 2/4 MarchSteven McWhirter2
71st Highlanders, TheIntermediateCompetition 2/4 MarchSteven McWhirter4
72nd Farewell to Aberdeen, TheElementaryOther 2/4 MarchSteven McWhirter2
72nd Farewell to Aberdeen, TheIntermediateOther 2/4 MarchSteven McWhirter2
Alasdair F. Hendersons JigAdvancedJigSteven McWhirter4
Alick C MacGregorIntermediateCompetition ReelSteven McWhirter4
Alive Farewell to NiggAdvancedOther ReelSteven McWhirter2
An Cota RuadhAdvancedOther StrathspeySteven McWhirter2
Ascension eBookAdvancedVarious Time SignaturesSteven McWhirter
Ascension eBook + VideosAdvancedVarious Time SignaturesSteven McWhirter
Aspen BankIntermediateOther StrathspeySteven McWhirter2
Atholl and Breadalbane GatheringElementaryCompetition 2/4 MarchSteven McWhirter4
Atholl and Breadalbane Gathering, TheIntermediateCompetition 2/4 MarchSteven McWhirter4
Atholl Cummers, TheAdvancedCompetition StrathspeySteven McWhirter6
Australian LadiesElementaryOther 2/4 MarchSteven McWhirter2
Battle of the Somme, TheElementary9/8 MarchSteven McWhirter2
Battle of Waterloo, TheElementary4/4 MarchSteven McWhirter2
Because He Was a Bonnie LadElementaryOther StrathspeySteven McWhirter2
Bob of FettercairnAdvancedCompetition StrathspeySteven McWhirter4
Bogan LochanAdvancedCompetition StrathspeySteven McWhirter6
Bonnie Blues BrozzieAdvancedJigSteven McWhirter4
Boys of the LoughElementaryJigSteven McWhirter2
Brae RiachAdvancedJigSteven McWhirter4
Braes of Mar, TheIntermediateOther StrathspeySteven McWhirter2
Bronni’s Blue BrozziAdvancedMixedSteven McWhirter4
Burning SnowballAdvancedJigSteven McWhirter4
Caledonian CanalIntermediateCompetition StrathspeySteven McWhirter4
Cameronian RantAdvancedCompetition StrathspeySteven McWhirter8
Campbell’s Farewell to RedcastleAdvancedOther 2/4 MarchSteven McWhirter2
Campbell’s Farewell to RedcastleElementaryOther 2/4 MarchSteven McWhirter2
Campbell’s Farewell to RedcastleIntermediateOther 2/4 MarchSteven McWhirter2
Campbeltown Kiltie BallElementaryOther StrathspeySteven McWhirter2
Captain Archibald Leslie’s MarchAdvancedOther 2/4 MarchSteven McWhirter2
Captain Colin CampbellIntermediateCompetition StrathspeySteven McWhirter4
Caroline’s JigAdvancedJigSteven McWhirter6
Castle DangerousElementary3/4 MarchSteven McWhirter2
Charms of WhiskeyAdvancedOther ReelSteven McWhirter2
Circassian CirlceElementaryOther ReelSteven McWhirter2
City of Hastings Highland Pipe Band, TheElementary4/4 MarchSteven McWhirter2
Clan MacRae Society, TheAdvancedCompetition 2/4 MarchSteven McWhirter6
Clumsy Lover Waltz, TheAdvancedWaltzSteven McWhirter4
Colin CampbellAdvancedCompetition StrathspeySteven McWhirter4
Colins CattleElementary3/4 MarchSteven McWhirter2
Colonel MacLeodElementaryOther ReelSteven McWhirter2
ConundrumAdvancedCompetition 2/4 MarchSteven McWhirter4
Conway’s FarewellAdvancedOther ReelSteven McWhirter2
CorkhillIntermediateJigSteven McWhirter4
Corriechoillie’s 43rd Welcome to the Northern MeetingIntermediateOther 2/4 MarchSteven McWhirter2
Corriechoillie’s 43rd Welcome to the Northern MeetingElementaryOther 2/4 MarchSteven McWhirter2
Crooked Bridge, TheIntermediateOther ReelSteven McWhirter2
Crossing the MinchAdvancedHornpipeSteven McWhirter4
Curlew, TheAdvancedJigSteven McWhirter4
Curlew, TheElementaryJigSteven McWhirter2
David Ross of RosehallAdvancedCompetition 2/4 MarchSteven McWhirter4
Detroit Highlanders, TheIntermediateCompetition 2/4 MarchSteven McWhirter4
Devil in the Kitchen ReelAdvancedOther ReelSteven McWhirter2
Devil in the Kitchen StrathspeyAdvancedOther StrathspeySteven McWhirter2
Donald CameronAdvancedCompetition 2/4 MarchSteven McWhirter6
Donald MacLean’s Farewell to ObanAdvancedCompetition 2/4 MarchSteven McWhirter4
Donald McKillopAdvancedJigSteven McWhirter4
Donella BeatonAdvancedJigSteven McWhirter4
Donella Beaton DanceAdvancedMixedSteven McWhirter4
Doune of Invernochty, TheIntermediateCompetition StrathspeySteven McWhirter4
Doune of Invernochty, TheAdvancedCompetition StrathspeySteven McWhirter4
Duckin’ & Divin’AdvancedHornpipeSteven McWhirter4
Dunrovin FarmAdvancedJigSteven McWhirter4
Earl of MansfieldElementaryOther 2/4 MarchSteven McWhirter2
Earl of MansfieldAdvancedOther 2/4 MarchSteven McWhirter3
Eric SteinAdvancedHornpipeSteven McWhirter4
Famous BallymoteElementaryOther ReelSteven McWhirter2
Farewell to NiggAdvanced3/4 MarchSteven McWhirter2
Father Michael MacDonald’s Silver JubileeAdvancedHornpipeSteven McWhirter2
Fiona MacLeodAdvancedCompetition ReelSteven McWhirter4
Gardens of SkyeAdvanced4/4 MarchSteven McWhirter2
GladiatorAdvancedHornpipeSteven McWhirter4
Glasgow City Police PipersAdvancedJigSteven McWhirter4
Glasgow City Police PipersElementaryJigSteven McWhirter4
Glen Caladh CastleIntermediateCompetition 2/4 MarchSteven McWhirter4
Glengarry Gathering, TheAdvancedCompetition 2/4 MarchSteven McWhirter4
Grapevine, TheAdvancedHornpipeSteven McWhirter4
Greenwood SideElementaryOther 2/4 MarchSteven McWhirter2
GrinderAdvancedJigSteven McWhirter2
Haitian SensationIntermediateJigSteven McWhirter2
Helen Black of InveranAdvancedOther 2/4 MarchSteven McWhirter3
Hey JohnnyAdvancedOther StrathspeySteven McWhirter2
Highland LaddieElementaryOther 2/4 MarchSteven McWhirter2
Highland WeddingAdvancedCompetition 2/4 MarchSteven McWhirter6
Hugh KennedyAdvancedCompetition 2/4 MarchSteven McWhirter4
I’ll Gang Nae Mair to Yon TownElementaryOther 2/4 MarchSteven McWhirter2
Idle AyesIntermediateOther ReelSteven McWhirter2
J.F. MacKenzieIntermediateOther StrathspeySteven McWhirter2
Jenny Dang the WeaverElementaryOther ReelSteven McWhirter2
Jig O’BeerAdvancedJigSteven McWhirter2
Jim BlackleyAdvancedMixedSteven McWhirter2
Jimmy FindlaterIntermediate4/4 MarchSteven McWhirter4
Jimmy Tweedie’s Sea LegsAdvancedHornpipeSteven McWhirter5
John MacDonald of GlencoeAdvancedCompetition 2/4 MarchSteven McWhirter4
John MacKechnieAdvancedCompetition ReelSteven McWhirter6
John Morrison of AssynthouseAdvancedCompetition ReelSteven McWhirter6
John Patterson’s MareIntermediateJigSteven McWhirter6
Keel Row Strathspey & ReelIntermediateOther StrathspeySteven McWhirter4
Keel Row Strathspey & ReelElementaryOther StrathspeySteven McWhirter4
Kelsey’s Wee ReelAdvancedOther ReelSteven McWhirter4
Kenny Gillies of PortnalongAdvancedJigSteven McWhirter4
Kenny’s Dance wih his SweetheartAdvancedJigSteven McWhirter2
Kesh JigAdvancedJigSteven McWhirter2
Kesh WaltzAdvancedWaltzSteven McWhirter2
KilbrandonAdvancedJigSteven McWhirter2
Kirsteen’s JigAdvancedJigSteven McWhirter2
Kizbaum FrenzieAdvancedHornpipeSteven McWhirter4
Lachlan MacPhail of TireeIntermediateCompetition ReelSteven McWhirter4
Lady Doll SinclairIntermediateOther ReelSteven McWhirter2
Laird of Drumblair ReelAdvancedOther ReelSteven McWhirter2
Lexy McAskillAdvancedOther ReelSteven McWhirter4
Limerick SocietyAdvancedVarious Time SignaturesSteven McWhirter
Lord Alexander KennedyAdvancedCompetition 2/4 MarchSteven McWhirter6
MacKay from SkyeIntermediateCompetition ReelSteven McWhirter4
Mad Hornpipe, TheAdvancedHornpipeSteven McWhirter4
Maggie CameronAdvancedCompetition StrathspeySteven McWhirter4
Maggie CameronAdvancedCompetition StrathspeySteven McWhirter4
Mairi’s WeddingElementaryOther 2/4 MarchSteven McWhirter2
Man from GlengarryIntermediateCompetition ReelSteven McWhirter4
Marion and DonaldElementaryOther ReelSteven McWhirter2
Masons Apron JigAdvancedJigSteven McWhirter6
McAllisters DirkAdvancedCompetition ReelSteven McWhirter6
McGuire’s JigElementaryJigSteven McWhirter2
McPhedran’s StrathspeyAdvancedOther StrathspeySteven McWhirter2
Memorial Bell’s of InverarayIntermediateOther 2/4 MarchSteven McWhirter2
Memorial Bells of InverarayAdvancedOther 2/4 MarchSteven McWhirter2
Men of ArgyllElementaryOther 2/4 MarchSteven McWhirter2
Miss Drummond of PerthAdvancedOther StrathspeySteven McWhirter2
Molly ConnellIntermediateOther StrathspeySteven McWhirter2
MorvenElementaryJigSteven McWhirter4
Mrs MacPherson of InveranAdvancedCompetition ReelSteven McWhirter6
Murdo Took the StoupAdvancedOther ReelSteven McWhirter4
Murdo’s WeddingElementary4/4 MarchSteven McWhirter2
Niall from GlenroeIntermediateOther ReelSteven McWhirter2
O’er the Bows to BallindallochElementaryOther StrathspeySteven McWhirter2
Paddy be EasyElementaryJigSteven McWhirter2
Paddy’s Leather BreechesAdvancedJigSteven McWhirter4
Pap of Glencoe, TheIntermediateCompetition 2/4 MarchSteven McWhirter4
Pikeman’s MarchIntermediate4/4 MarchSteven McWhirter2
Pipe Major Jim McWilliamsAdvancedCompetition 2/4 MarchSteven McWhirter4
Pipe Major William Ross’s Farewell to the Scots GuardsIntermediateOther 2/4 MarchSteven McWhirter2
Pipe Major William Ross’s Farewell to the Scots GuardsElementaryOther 2/4 MarchSteven McWhirter2
Piper of DrummondElementaryOther ReelSteven McWhirter2
Pipers Cave, TheElementaryOther 2/4 MarchSteven McWhirter2
Port Domhmall RuadhAdvancedOther StrathspeySteven McWhirter2
Pretty MarionAdvancedCompetition ReelSteven McWhirter8
Pretty Marion (Alex Duthart)AdvancedCompetition ReelSteven McWhirter8
Rantin’ Rovin’ RobinElementaryOther 2/4 MarchSteven McWhirter2
Rhonda BlairAdvancedHornpipeSteven McWhirter4
Rocking the BabyElementaryJigSteven McWhirter2
Rocking the BabyIntermediateJigSteven McWhirter2
Rodney Hull QCAdvancedOther StrathspeySteven McWhirter2
Rory MacLeodAdvancedJigSteven McWhirter4
Seonaidh’s TuneIntermediateOther StrathspeySteven McWhirter2
Shoal’s of HerringAdvanced3/4 MarchSteven McWhirter2
Silver SpearIntermediateOther ReelSteven McWhirter2
Siud Mar Chaidh An Cal A Dholaigdh StrathspeyAdvancedOther StrathspeySteven McWhirter2
Sleepy MaggieAdvancedOther ReelSteven McWhirter4
Smith of Chilliechassie, TheAdvancedCompetition ReelSteven McWhirter6
Sound of Sleat Strathspey and ReelAdvancedVarious Time SignaturesSteven McWhirter4
Steve and Diane of CheltenhamIntermediateOther StrathspeySteven McWhirter2
Steve Byrne’s JigAdvancedJigSteven McWhirter4
Steven McWhirter’s MarchAdvanced3/4 MarchSteven McWhirter2
Stirling CastleAdvancedOther StrathspeySteven McWhirter2
Strathspey King, TheAdvancedOther StrathspeySteven McWhirter2
Strathspey King, TheIntermediateOther StrathspeySteven McWhirter2
Susan MacLeodAdvancedCompetition StrathspeySteven McWhirter4
Sweet Maid of GlendaruelElementaryOther 2/4 MarchSteven McWhirter2
Tail ToddleAdvancedOther ReelSteven McWhirter2
TeribusElementaryOther 2/4 MarchSteven McWhirter2
TerribusIntermediateOther 2/4 MarchSteven McWhirter2
ThunderheadAdvancedJigSteven McWhirter2
Thunderhead 7/8AdvancedMixedSteven McWhirter2
Touchin’ ClothAdvancedHornpipeSteven McWhirter4
Train Journey NorthAdvancedHornpipeSteven McWhirter4
TrinityAdvancedVarious Time SignaturesSteven McWhirter
Troy’s WeddingIntermediateJigSteven McWhirter4
Troy’s WeddingAdvancedJigSteven McWhirter4
Tulloch CastleAdvancedCompetition StrathspeySteven McWhirter4
Una MacIntyreAdvancedHornpipeSteven McWhirter2
Under the TriboroIntermediateOther StrathspeySteven McWhirter2
Uphold the RightIntermediateHornpipeSteven McWhirter4
Wee Highland LaddieAdvanced4/4 MarchSteven McWhirter2
Willie Murray’s ReelIntermediateCompetition ReelSteven McWhirter4
Willie Murray’s Reel – RoundedAdvancedOther ReelSteven McWhirter4
World Solos 2018 Hornpipe & Jig SetAdvancedVarious Time SignaturesSteven McWhirter
Would the Minister Not DanceAdvancedJigSteven McWhirter2
Drumming on Demand