Caledonian Canal

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By Steven McWhirter
Difficulty level: Intermediate
Type of tune: Competition Strathspey
Number of parts: 4

About this drum score

Written for the Inveraray & District (Juvenile) Pipe Band 2010.



I have a question and really in the mid west here we don’t have a lot of instruction, its hard to come by. I have seen things like the roll pattern in bar 3 of the third line but have a difficult time understanding them. Is there any advice to counting these or the sticking pattern? I would normally play that first roll as 1 d l + d l 2, then the two 6 stroke rolls (with 2 being the start of the first one). I understand the 4 stroke into beat 4 ok, but the middle of that phrase I do not.
Hopefully I’ve explained myself okay and any help is appreciated

Steven McWhirter

Hi there. Your train of thought is exactly how to think about it. You could try thinking about individual taps & buzzs. Ie: T,B,B,B,T,B,B,T,B,B,T,T,B,T.

Hope this helps you to some extent. If you would like a Skype session to go through this score please do not hesitate to contact me directly on

Kind regards,


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