Little Cascade, The

Inspired by Jack Lee’s solo playing of the “Rant” and “Cascade”, I strongly recommended we play these two tunes together.

P/M Tom MacAllister

Written initially as a solo march, this made it’s way into the IDPB repertoire and became a part of one of our most successful MSR sets to date.

Brown Haired Maid

Composed for the 78th Highlanders, Halifax Pipe Band from Nova Scotia in Canada.

P/M Tom MacAllister

Original score composed by Tom. This is the Boghall Juvenile version which has been played for several seasons. This is also a great piece for solos.

Lord Alexander Kennedy

Classic Original score composed by Tom in 1982 for a Boghall MSR. It has been modified a few times over the years. This is an updated version by Gordon from 2018 with Solo Drumming in mind.

Basket 0