Dunrovin Farm Jig

An extended arrangement of Dunrovin Farm from the 2013 medley. See if you can spot the little nod to J. Reid Maxwell in the last part from his 1987 Live in Ireland solo.

Cafe René

A very fun 4 parted jig with everything but the kitchen sink in it.

Angus MacKinnon of Eigg

A wee 2/4 March that didn’t get alot of thought. I think I wrote down the first thing that came into my head so it would be fluent and easy to keep scottish country dance band style.

Waltz & Jig of Slurs

This waltz arrangement has been around the band for a while and we finally managed to record it. Not a demanding score but very effective in a concert setting.

Major David Manson

We brought this big reel back from our 2016 Worlds medley as it was just too good not to play again.

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